Update info | TripLogik - Le meilleur enregistreur de kilométrage

List of updated subjects in Manager 2.0 software 

  • Changed in messages of the initial registration window to avoid user choice confusion

Version 2.408.1030.1616 Fev 7 2020

  • Added an automatic default Sync message, immediately upon detection connection of an instrument already configured and enabled.  
  • Added internal function for improved Triplogik Map Server communication.
  • Added EV reputation signature for all files for Microsoft and Antivirus to recognize Manager 2.0  as a compliant and reliable application.
  • Improving installation experience and avoids false alarms. 
  • Added a user password recovery feature, in case of reinstallation of Manager 2.0
  • Few minor adjustments
  • Change in address editing module and location name to avoid confusion and misuse by user.
  • Change terms use in instrument filter to avoid confusion with manual trips not showing up. 
  • Improved filter search speed.
  • Improved route tracing on maps.
  • Add "Undo" for user merged trips.
  • Minor changes in the structure of the internal database.
  • Mandatory optimization of default instrument configurations (button function but be set and different).
  • Some minor adjustments and corrections to the user interface.
  • Optimization of the installation module

Version 2.508.207.2012 Feb 29 2020

  • Corrections in address editing module.
  • Server communication optimising 
  • Changes in the method of registration
  • Better security 
  • Change in installation module
  • Some minor adjustments and corrections to the user interface.
  • NEW feature to replace instrument by user in instrument management  
  • New registration menu
  • Improvement in data sync to prevent bad data inside instrument from causing a stop in data download 
  • Few minor typo  

Version 2.579.418.1246  April 19  2020   ( IMPORTANT CHANGES ) 

  • Adaptation to new windows Version H1
  • Update to Windows module to prevent freezing while editing trips
  • Trip merge module update with unmerge 
  • Report module updates for latest Windows version
  • Update to TripLogik Map communication services
  • Update to integrated payment (subscriptions)

Version 22.589.428.927  April 29  2020  

Version 22.608  to 2.722  June 2020  

Version 2.788  Nov  2020  

Version 2.1091  Sep  2021