List of updated subjects in Manager 2.0 software 



Version 2.285.629.455

  •  Correction of typo and titles
  •  Change of the trip order in reports ( from old to new)  
  •  Added operating note in rate adjustment ( how to configure rates)
  •  Added text display of the day in the trip description (list of trips)
  •  Format correction to display the trip type edit field (in edit mode)
  •  Fix in "backup" module

Version 2.288.702.753

  •  Fix instrument function selector in configuration
  • Fix report staticsics not showing % for mileage
  • Improvement for multiselect edit for trips type and places
  • Fix bug with locale 
  • Change trips filter options
  • Fix browser locale issue
  • Now administrator have access to all devices settings
  • Fix internal bug in device registration UI
  • Fixed speed warning GUI
  • fixed no trips download when trip less then 1KM
  • Fix empty device sync
  • Fix password check in some rare specific case