TripLogik Manager 2.0 now uses TripLogik Map for geomapping trips , identifying start and end address in your reports along with tracing trips on a map. This new server called TripLogik Map replaces the Google Map service that is no longer free for use in applications.

To prevent variable, unknown, and astronomical monthly fees from Google to its end user, TripLogik decided to build its own mapping servers using the same technology as Google. The result is TripLogik Maps.

The good side is our clients will not be charged any monthly usage fees from Google.
TripLogik has always promoted an affordable solution, and we will continue to do so. 
As you can imagine, our new facilities have an operating cost, which explains why TripLogik is not entirely free any more.

In an effort to continue our low cost of ownership Policy, we have put together a new yearly subscription called TrpLogik Map membership.

This service is NOT a monthly based service or invoiced by the amount of data you transfer, like Google.
TripLogik Map is a yearly membership.
Depending on the duration of the membership, annual price starts as low as *$13.65 cdn PER YEAR

*For 3 year plus taxes. Example calculated from pricing when this document was written.
Prices are subject to changes, Please refer to TripLogik Map page for current and official pricing. All prices do not include taxes.

 Please take a moment to Read all about the changes from Manager to Manager 2.0 here 

Before you download this new version , please read about the changes caused by Google

  1. When installing the Manager 2.0 you will need your instrument to configure the software.
  2. Upon startup, you will be prompted to register with your name, email and a password of your choice.
  3. Once installed, you will receive an email from the TripLogk Map server to promp you to confirm your email identity.
    (check your spam box in case , if you can't find the email ) 
  4. Open the email and click on the link to confirm your email. You will then be able to login to the Manager software.

What to expect when you install this new Manager 2.0 software 

Here is what the confirmation email looks like

How to pay for your TripLogik Map Membership ?

  1. While in the Manager 2.0 , plug your instrument to the PC and wait until the application ask to add your device.
  2. Go ahead and assign the instrument to your user name
  3. Once assigned, click on the "Users" menu and select the "instruments" tab to show the list and status of your Map membership.
    By default, you will have 15 days of free usage. This should give you plenty of time to decide what membership to select.
    If you pay immediately, the 15 days will be added to your membership...

Select your instrument and click Renew

Select the membership type and duration from the list

Complete de credit card payment information  

Membership selection is made from the Manager application

Check your new subscription 

At any time you can go to this menu and click renew subscription to get or renew the annual membership of the selected instrument.
More detailed annual pricing is available here:

To select a membership, click on the drop box arrow ( at the end of the list)
This will show the selection of membership available . Select one and click on the Renew button

TripLogik uses Paypal for Credit card processing but
Click on Pay with Credit card

If you have a PayPal account and would like to use it, enter your email. 

Please ensure the billing information is the same as on your statement. PayPal/Mastercard will not accept transactions if the information is wrong, and will decline the payment for security reasons.  

If you do not select a membership, you will not be able to sync your instrument data to the Manager.
Exclusively and until December 20, 2015, new user will get 15 days of free usage.
After this date the Manager will not let you download any trips or geocode locations, unless you have a membership.

To Pay with a credit card , click on "Pay with a card" or " Pay with a debit or credit card" 

When your annual membership payment is accepted
Click on the "User" menu again and select the "Instruments" tab to see the status of your Map membership.

The state of your instrument will be updated and will show the amount of days left.
If the State did not change, close and restart the Manager. 

You are now all set to go ! 

TripLogik uses Paypal for Credit card processing but YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT