What is TripLogik Map ?
TripLogik Map is a mapping server that allows Manager 2.0 software to geocode the data collected by the TL1000 instrument. 
Geocoding is the process of identifying departure and arrival points and then calculating and plotting routes.
t also allows to display these on a map.

TripLogik does not change a monthly service fee. However, each instrument must have a TripLogik Map server membership.
Memberships are by instrument, on an annual basis and may include VIP assistance service.


Why do we have to pay for a TripLogik Map membership ?

Since January 2019, Google’s mapping service is no longer free. To avoid monthly fees to users,
TripLogik has developed a new PC software and mapping server technology that does not use Google Map.

Are there other expenses?

No, your annual Triplogik Map membership gives you unlimited access to the mapping server.
The only other possible fees is if you add the otional VIP tech support. 

Are my personal information safe?

TripLogik does not store any of your personal data. Information about your trips, places, dates are all stored on your computer.
Communication between your PC and the Triplogik Map is
authorized per your account but all data is anonymous.
We do not know or store any of the requests. Your privacy is under your control. 

What types of technical assistance is available and what should I choose? 

  Since May 1st 2019, customers have two technical support options 

  • Self-Service Support (free website)
  • VIP Technical Assistance (live assistance with technician)

Please consult the Technical Assistance Option section below for more info on Support Options.


How to pay my membership ? 

Click here to read the guide on how to pay for my membership

Technical Support Options

Every TripLogik instrument includes a 15 day (trial period) VIP Support from the date of registration. After the MapServer Free period, your tech support will be as per the membership you have selected.

Self-service Support
The self-service support is based on the FAQ data and articles on the technical support site of TripLogik
This type of economic support does not include assistance from a technician in the event of a problem.
The Self-Service support is mainly designed for users experienced in IT or to help you solve problems outside of business hours.

VIP technical support
Includes self-service support and assistance from a technician in the event of a technical problem*.
This type of support allows you for personal assistance.

As you can now combine your mapping membership with a VIP technical assistance service,
Membership + assistance prices are adjusted with a discount, depending on the length of the period selected.

Large enterprises and fleet of more than 25 instruments
If you own more than 25 instruments, please contact TripLogik for customized corporate pricing .
Enterprise prices are only available for 25 or more instruments under one account.

User groupings are not eligible.

* technical assistance does not include operation training found in manuals and video. It does not include troubleshooting your computer or installing or configuring printer drivers.
** Please note that the type of assistance is relative to your instrument serial number and not the user. If you have several instruments in one account, the type of assistance must be the same for each instrument.

***Prices shown do not include sales taxes. Total invoice will include GST and PST 
Invoice are from Carbon14 innovations inc / TripLogik  GST:728566290RT0001  PST:1224519237TQ0001
Unpaid invoices will be cancelled after 10 days. If any price change occurs, new invoice will be the price.    

TripLogik Map memberships 


VIP TECH SUPPORT (Technician callback)

UPGRADE TO VIP ASSISTANCE ( to change Self Service to VIP later )

TRIPLOGIK MAP MEMBERSHIP 1 YEAR       SELF SERVICE                      Total for 1 year  $19.95

ADD 1 YEAR VIP TECHNICAL SUPPORT                                                             1 year  $29.95

TRIPLOGIK MAP MEMBERSHIP 2 YEARS      SELF SERVICE                     Total for 2 years $31.95

2 YEARS TRIPLOGIK MAP MEMBERSHIP       VIP SERVICE                     Total for 2 years  $54.95

ADD 2 YEARS VIP TECHNICAL SUPPORT                                                          2 years  $49.95

2 YEARS TRIPLOGIK MAP MEMBERSHIP       VIP SERVICE                     Total for 1 year   $34.95

TRIPLOGIK MAP MEMBERSHIP 3 YEARS      SELF SERVICE                     Total for 3 years $40.95

3 YEARS TRIPLOGIK MAP MEMBERSHIP       VIP SERVICE                     Total for 3 years  $69.95

ADD 3 YEARS VIP TECHNICAL SUPPORT                                                          3 years  $59.95

  SELF-SERVICE Membership includes: 

  • Mapping for the selected duration. 
  • SELF-SERVICE support without assistance from a technician (See definition in Technical Assistance Option, below)

 VIP SERVICE Membership includes: 

  • Mapping for the selected duration. 
  • VIP SERVICE support INCLUDES assistance from a technician (See definition in Technical Assistance Option, below)

Adds VIP support to an existing self-service membership  

  • The minimum price is for the remaining period of membership.
    Ex: If you have a 3 year membership, and there are 2 years left, the upgrade price will be for 2 years, 
    Assistance cannot be upgraded within the remaining period. If less than one year remains the minimum is one year. 

value 27.48 / year 

*** Plus Taxes

Value of  15.98 / year 

* Best value 34% discount. Equivalent to $9.67 for VIP support.  $ 23.32/ year 

value of 13.65 / year 

$ 19.98 / year 

*** Plus Taxes

$ 24.98 / year 

*** Plus Taxes