kilometer allocation from Quebec Revenu agency

Revenu Québec mandates that individuals using their vehicles for business purposes meticulously track and report their business kilometres to accurately allocate expenses and claim deductions. The kilometre allocation system distinguishes between personal and business use of a vehicle, and it features two levels of allocation based on the total distance driven: one for under 5,000 kilometres and another for distances above 5,000 kilometres annually.

For each business trip, individuals must maintain detailed logs that include the date, the starting point, the destination, the purpose of the trip, and the number of kilometres driven. This documentation is essential for the annual tax return and must be readily available for review if requested by Revenu Québec.

Année comptableAllocation kilométrage pour les 5000 premiers KM (allocation par km parcouru)Allocation kilométrage pour les km2 suivant les 5000 premiers KM (allocation par km parcouru)

To facilitate accurate and efficient tracking, tools such as the Triplogik device can be invaluable. This device plugs directly into the vehicle’s OBD2 port and features a simple, user-operated illuminated button that users can press to classify a trip as business-related. This capability ensures that no business trip, no matter how minor, is overlooked, thus providing meticulous records that comply with Revenu Québec’s requirements for expense claims.

By using such tools and maintaining comprehensive logs, individuals can streamline their reporting process, ensure compliance with tax laws, and optimize their tax returns by accurately claiming allowable expenses based on their specific kilometre allocation level.


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