TL1000 GPS Mileage Logger (2 units) for Windows


Meet the Triplogik TL1000, redefining travel tracking. This state-of-the-art device delivers precise mileage data for seamless business or personal use. Stay compliant effortlessly, thanks to its user-friendly interface and robust design. The TL1000 is your reliable companion for a hassle-free journey. Elevate your travel management – embrace innovation with Triplogik TL1000.


  • 2 x TL1000 Mileage Recorders PC compatible 
  • 2 x OBDII power cables
  • 2 x USB cables
  • 2 x Sticky pads
  • Downloadable Software

annual subscription required

TripLogik Map is a mapping server that allows the Manager2 software to geocode the data collected by the TL1000 instrument. 
Geocoding is the process of identifying departure and arrival points and then calculating and plotting routes.
It also allows to display trips on a map.

The annual fee is 29.95CAD or the equivalent of 2.49$ per month.



TripLogik Automatic GPS Mileage Log Tracking works anywhere on the planet even on boats, since it doesn’t require cellular services.

The TL1000 is an attractive logger that records every move with GPS precision. Its larger antenna can track trips downtown, and unlike cell phone apps, there is no need to turn it ON because it’s always ON and ready. No need to start and stop an app, Just stick it on the dashboard and you’re done!

  • Record and log all your business and personal trips automatically as you drive using GPS technology
  • Single button to classify business or personal trips, stores up to 70,000KM before downloads with no service fees, contract or hidden cost
  • Unlike cell phone apps, it’s always ready and there is no need to start and stop anything
  • Customizable reports allow you to share trips you select and is fully compliant with Canada Revenue Agency and IRS
  • Password protected with data encryption to protect your privacy. Information is never transmitted to anyone as the data is stored on your computer and inside the device.
  • Included in the box: TL1000 logger, OBDII patented power supply, USB cable, anti-slip sticky pad, instructions, free reminder service
  • High signal antenna for better performance in high density location
  • No false trips: Triplogik features unique filtering logic preventing false destination affecting most mileage loggers
  • Unique OBD power cable provides permanent power without any batteries, leaving the cigarette lighter free for other devices
  • Works anywhere in the world as it used no cell phone sim cards signal
  • PC compatible