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Find solutions from keyword search. Since 2008, we have listed the most common solutions.

There’s a good chance you will find a solution already explained. 

Request for assistance

If you are unable to identify a solution, you can request assistance from one of our agents trough the support portal.

Briefly explain your journey, what you tried, errors, etc. with screenshots if necessary.
One of our agents we will guide you to possible solutions. 
In the event of a deadlock, we will contact you directly by phone or remotely assist you, on your PC using secure technology. ( by appointment )

Request Tech Support

The support portal is a central point where all your requests and solutions are found.

This allows our team to assist you as efficiently as possible and to ensure a continuity in your requests.

Not sure how to open an assistance ticket?

See how to do it here: how to open an assistance request

Online Manual

The online manual is designed as a search engine.

To find information on a topic, use keywords.
For example: Print, Report, Rate, Install, Pay. 

A list of articles on your subject will appear.

  • Instructions by Activity
  • Step by step examples with screen capture
  • Methods of use
  • Diagnostic solutions and tools …

A wealth of information, updated regularly.

Have you watched The videos?

Have you watched the videos?

Instructions on how  to properly install and configure the Manager 2.0

– How to install
– Configuration
– Add instrument and user
– Produce reports
– Pay your membership to Triplogik Map

See how to do it here: how to open an assistance request

useful tools

Service Softwares technical Support

Bulk Eraser Tool

This app will completely erase the internal memory of the TL1000 instrument like new.

Note: Download to your PC and Run to perform a memory format

Database utility Data Backup

This app will help you make backup copies of your TripLogik data file.

A single click to copy everything to a safe place.

It can also be used to delete a broken database and start a new emplty file.